Thursday, October 10, 2013

10 Years with the Same 6 Friends

While we were at Southside Johnny's last weekend, a fan asked, "How have you had the same members for the past 10 years and not killed each other?."  As we all know, bands fight, get on each others' nerves, and break up all the time.  The Martini Shot has been around since 2000, but we have kept our current line-up since the 3rd weekend of October in 2003. Greg was the last person to join the Martini Shot 10 years ago.  

Over the last decade we have played most weekends throughout the year.  I'm not going to say that there hasn't been disagreements and a few yelling matches, but overall we've been very lucky.  So what's the secret?   A major contributor has been you all, our fans.  Thank you for being so supportive over the past 10 years and having allowed us to do what we love...make music and perform!  The 6 of us have also been friends for so long, that our friendship really helps when the performance schedule and our personal lives gets demanding.  Having 6 great friends around, that you see every week, has been a great support system.  It would be very remiss of us if we didn't thank our families for supporting our musician lifestyle.  We appreciate your sacrifice with us being away nearly every Friday and Saturday night for the last decade...we couldn't do it without your support.  THANK YOU!
As I think about the last 10 years, I wondered what other bands have lasted 10 years or more with the same members.  Of course, the Stones have been making it happen for the past 4 decades, but they have had different members throughout the years. At any point throughout their existence did they have the same members for a 10yr stretch?

This will be a fun topic.  Leave a comment with any groups that you can think of that had the same members for 10 years or more.  They can be National or Local.  Also, who's lasted the longest with the same members?

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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Download the The Martini Shot Mobile App

Check out the new Android Mobile App by The Martini Shot. This free Android Mobile App lets you listen to music, check out photos and videos, read blog posts and get exclusive push notifications straight to your mobile device.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Olive - The Martini Shot Newsletter - August 2010

The Olive - The Martini Shot Newsletter - August 2010

ROCKIN' gigs this week!!

We are back to public gigs this week! 

  • THURS - Cheyenne Mountain Zoo (21 +) 6pm
  • FRI - Festival Fridays in Pueblo!! 6pm
  • SAT - La Junta with EDDIE MONEY!!!!! 5:30pm. 

See you there!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Writing Music with the Martini Shot

One of our most frequently asked questions is, "Who writes your music?"  All of us, in a collaborative effort, write and own the music for the Martini Shot.  Each of us have developed a niche within the writing session, and the overall process has become a lot more streamlined, over the years.  In the beginning, it would take us weeks to create a tune, now we can develop an idea within a several days.  Am I saying that we are experts at song writing?  Not at all, but after working together with the same people for so long, we know who to go to for the next stage of a song.

When coming up with a song idea, we focus our efforts on the "hook."  The Hook - What is the catchy part of the song that is going to lock in our listener?  The next step is to get that idea to Ryan.  The person creating the hook with either tell him at the gig (usually by singing into to his cell phone), or call his cell phone answering machine to record the idea.  Ryan will take that idea and compile them into a CD.  He will often rerecord the idea with an added guitar track.  It's also been very helpful to have a premise of the song before offering it up at this stage.  All of our released songs have been based around personal experiences of the group members.  We haven't written anything that hasn't reflected one or if not all of the members of the Shot.

Our next stage is to meet as a full band and listen to the CD.  After we listen to all of the tracks, we choose which tune to work on for the remainder of the session.  We write the lyrics and chords to the chorus, pre-chorus, verse, decide the form, and then run the tune several times.  Each of us have a different specialty within this session that has naturally developed.  During the run-through, Rob and I are discussing horn lines and improvising over the tune.  The band is also recording the tune on all of our cell phones.  It is amazing how well cell phones can record these days.  We will generally email that file to all of us, so we can make edits, think of more lyrics, or continue coming up with ideas throughout the week.

We will conclude our song writing process by performing our new tune at the weekend show.  This is a great test to see the reaction of the audience, check our memorization, or look for any parts of the song that may need to be adjusted.

Here is the Question of the Blog, "What is your music writing process?"  

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Welcome to The Martini Shot Blog

Welcome to the Martini Shot Blog and its first entry.  We hope to use this Blog to keep you informed about our upcoming shows, news about the band, and have some great musical discussions with you.  We have had the same members in the Martini Shot for almost 7 years, so we also have plenty of interesting stories to share about our experiences.  The comment section below is open to everyone, so please feel free to join our conversations.  We would love to hear from you.  Thanks for all of your support over the years.

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